Oldcastle Infrastructure, Chandler AZ 5

Lighting Upgrade at Oldcastle Infrastructure in Chandler, AZ


The existing lighting system at Oldcastle Infrastructure was aging and light levels were low. Fluorescent tubes required frequent replacing, and the manufacturing space was significantly under-lit. They were looking for a system that would increase light levels and reduce the operating and maintenance expenses.


The project began with a site assessment by Inovis Energy’s distribution partner Graybar Electric. Graybar provided a new design as well as photometric layout to improve light levels with new LED lighting throughout the facility. Inovis confirmed the design work and provided a plan to replace the aging lighting with an energy efficient and cost-effective solution.


The retrofit reduces Oldcastle’s annual lighting costs while significantly increasing light output. In addition to cost savings, this provided a safer and more productive environment for its employees.


Due to the success of the lighting upgrade project at the Chandler, AZ facility, Oldcastle Infrastructure looks forward to additional efficiency projects with Inovis Energy and Graybar Electric at its other locations.  Inovis will continue to design and install lighting upgrades at additional Oldcastle sites throughout the country.

Project by the Numbers


Annual Energy Savings

10% kWh reduction

Light Level Increase

60% Improvement

Installation Time

12 BusIness Days

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